Guema Barnaba is an Italian accessories brand, synonymous with exceptional quality and a bespoke and unique craftsmanship, specialised in day and evening handbags in the finest materials. Modern creativity is combined with the Italian refinement and craftsmanship heritage, creating precious, practical and timeless designs.  The brand was founded in 2014 by Gu Barnaba. The entire range is handcrafted in Italy by expert leather artisans, using traditional, time-consuming artisanal techniques, assuring extraordinary attention to every single detail. Guema Barnaba's bags are the result of a rigorous process that begins with the source, selection and purchase of only the finest quality leathers and skins, from the most relevant Italian leather suppliers, trying to consciously choose suppliers that are pioneering an ethical production and sustainability, all the leathers are origin assured. Upon request, Guema Barnaba is able to offer a Made-to-Order service, providing unique and bespoke bags, that can be passed down for generations.

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